Lucyna, Waldemar and Bartosz

Family Business

We have been active in the fragrance and air freshener industry for more than 20 years. We export our products to over 74 countries around the world. We specialise in individualised solutions, i.e. those produced under our customers' brand names.

The knowledge and experience gained over the years have enabled us to develop a unique aromatisation system, that is:

  • EFFICIENT but not overwhelming
  • HEALTHY for the user, as it incorporates no harmful substances
  • SMART and hassle-free - hence the subscription system
  • SAFE because it is certified by global organisations

And here we put AROMATONE into your hands - a ready-to-use aromatisation system for those who demand quality and trust.


A patented natural method of neutralizing odors. Unlike other systems, we first naturally remove unwanted smells.

Additional explanation: ODORANO® is created through the natural fermentation using symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast. It is a mixture of organic acids, enzymes and polyphenols that cause neutralization of a wide range of unpleasant odors. ODORANO®, in contact with the molecules of compounds responsible for odors, acts as a biocatalyst, causing their immediate bioconversion into odorless forms.