HVAC Scenting Solutions

Every day, we receive numerous inquiries about HVAC scenting and its workings, prompting us to share some insightful details.
Diffusing fragrance through a central cooling system has never been simpler. Aromatone employs an advanced technology known as Cold-Air Diffusion, which atomizes oils into a dry mist. This dry fragrance mist is then released into the HVAC ductwork, ensuring a consistent and even scent throughout the desired areas. Installation is straightforward, and our units are pre-set in our warehouse to meet your specific needs.
Once in place, minimal maintenance is needed, and the user-friendly digital timer provides complete control over settings and scent intensity.
Our products such as Symphony800 and Opera2000 work in conjunction with the HVAC system.
HVAC Scenting Solutions

Our HVAC system diffusers